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Possible Duplicate:
Should laptops remain plugged in when their battery is 100% charged?

Is there any problem if I left the charger connected to the laptop after full charging? And if there is, How can I deal with that to not harm the battery?

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Laptop chargers pretty much universally turn off (or go into low "trickle" mode) when the battery is fully charged.

There is a problem, however, that your typical Li-ion laptop battery "doesn't like" being fully charged -- the overall battery life (not the "life" of a single charge) will be extended if only charged to 60-80%. Some laptops have a setting to enable this lower-level charge (for those that hardly ever use the laptop on battery only), but many unfortunately do not.

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Read the topics in this site:

Usually the battery stop charging after completion. So normally you can leave it. Actually, I think the charge/discharge process is what decrease the batteries performance.

You have more info here

Hope it helps.

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