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I'd like to use emacs-24 with org-mode such that org-export-run-in-background is enabled. However, I get obscure messages in *Org Processes:

Warning (server): Unable to start the Emacs server. There is an existing Emacs server, named "server". To start the server in this Emacs process, stop the existing server or call `M-x server-force-delete' to forcibly disconnect it. OVERVIEW Loading vc-git... Exporting... my-java-mode-hook my-java-mode-hook Symbol's function definition is void: nil

I'd really like to figure out how to get a stack trace or some other way to debug this.


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This was the first time I had tried exporting in the background and it worked for me. Since my org-export-run-in-background variable is nil, I had to test it via 'C-u C-u C-c C-e'.

I have seen your error before when my previous Emacs session was shutdown improperly and the next session thought there was already a server running. I would try following the recommendation of calling 'M-x server-force-delete' and then ensure your server is running via 'M-x server-start'. After that, re-try your export.

If you are still having trouble, check on which processes are still out there running. I use a couple of methods: 1. Emacs method of running 'M-x list-processes' or a bash shell command of "pstree -lp $(pgrep emacs)".

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