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I have been running a CCTV monitoring station through my main TV for several years using VGA to VGA which worked well. Got a mega bargain on LCD/LED large screen TV which replaced it but found it didn't have a VGA socket! How stupid! It has HDMI and USB and SCART only. The CCTV has only VGA and USB. I looked into the VGA and HDMI adapters and realize they are useless for this. There is no SCART on the CCTV. Am I likely to get a result with USB to USB or with VGA to USB? If so which?

I have the same problem with my laptop which I used to play BBCi and similar onto the TV through a VGA to VGA lead. Obviously this has now been scuppered also. Presumably this is not amenable to USB and my laptop predates HDMI. Any suggestions would be much apreciated.

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Why would that be stupid? VGA has come, gone, died and has fossilized. Adding ancient dead interfaces just adds cost, so not including it makes a lot of sense. – Hennes Oct 4 '12 at 19:34

I found this on eBay 3.5mm Laptop PC VGA Audio to HDTV HDMI 1080p AV Converter Adapter Scaler NEW, it takes VGA in and outputs HDMI. That should do what you want.

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Beware that VGA to <whatever> converters often have a restricted selection of acceptable input resolutions and scan rates. The conversion rate can be unacceptable for full-motion video on some low-quality units. – sawdust Oct 4 '12 at 21:17

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