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I'm looking for a chrome or firefox extension that would allow me to remove certain request headers from all requests to a certain server.

Specifically, I'm trying to disable the browser from sending keep-alive headers.

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In firefox there are configs you can to turn off the keep alive.

Browse to about:config and find network.http.keep-alive and set it to false. This will prevent the browser from keeping the connection alive.

See this page for more info.

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For sake of completeness:

If you want to do this per-server, you can write a few lines of code that will do it in Fiddler (CustomRules.js). It's not a Firefox addon, it's a standalone executable which acts like a proxy.

However there are some disadvantages:

  • Windows-only
  • you have to keep Fiddler open whole time you're browsing
  • you have to reset Fiddler's list of connections from time to time, otherwise it will consume memory heavily (Fiddler is meant as a debugging tool primarily, not a background service).
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