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I need to use the right Ctrl key in a certain application, but my keyboard doesn't have one.

The left Ctrl key has an entirely different function in this case. How can I emulate the right Ctrl key, for example by pressing the right Alt button?

I tried the “Right Option acts as Control” feature of DoubleCommand, but sadly, that causes the right Alt key to emulate the left Ctrl key instead of the right Ctrl. Aaargh!

Any ideas?

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I found the solution! KeyRemap4MacBook has an “Option_R to Control_R” feature :)

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KeyRemap4MacBook has been renamed to Karabiner. –  Rich Dougherty Jan 14 at 21:23

This little app http://www.manytricks.com/keycodes/ claims to show the keycodes (I haven't got a mac to try it out on) your looking for some way of generating keycode 109 I think. You could see if any combination produces that.

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