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or how can this be solved by having the input and output on the same row. custom format code solved this for numbers -- Modify value of a cell using the old value as part of the new one?

" can use commas after the number format to display the number divided by multiples of 1000. For example, #,##0.000, displays a value divided by one thousand and #,##0.000000,, displays the number divided by one million."

but it doesnt seem to work for percents.

the input are percents, like 20%, which would be .20, the output is those percents in decimal form being multiple by 1000

couldnt find anything on

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Whats your input and output? – Siva Charan Oct 4 '12 at 22:03

To achieve this, just select custom format as Percentage


On custom format, use this 0.00%

A       B
20%     0.02%

Here B column's:

  1. formula is =A1/1000 and
  2. custom format is 0.00%

the 200 or the result it was suppose to be did not come up with this custom format

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this custom format did display the result as if it were multipled by 1000 – kittensatplay Oct 6 '12 at 5:52

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