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Is there any way to completely uninstall MS Outlook Express from a PC running Windows XP?

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From your comment to nik's answer - are you talking about Outlook or Outlook Express? They are two separate products. –  ChrisF Oct 13 '09 at 11:59
Sorry. Yes, I meant OE. Questioned now fixed. –  Rob Hyndman Oct 14 '09 at 23:15

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In case you're referring to Outlook Express rather than Outlook (confusingly they are two completely separate products) I've found some information on how to do that:

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I was hoping for something simpler, but thanks for answering the question. –  Rob Hyndman Oct 14 '09 at 23:14

eHow: How to remove Microsoft Outlook.

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That only gets rid of Microsoft Outlook to the point where it is not the default email client and deletes virtually all installation files, and clears up some disk space. But I still get pop-up messages about Outlook. I want to COMPLETELY get rid of it. –  Rob Hyndman Sep 29 '09 at 9:57
What kind of pop-up messages about Oulook do you get? What do they say? –  Snark Sep 29 '09 at 10:02
After going through several sets of instructions to uninstall, such as the ones at eHow, I now get at boot-up: "The Address Book failed to load. Outlook Express is incorrectly configured, please reinstall." –  Rob Hyndman Sep 29 '09 at 10:17

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