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I am hoping someone can help me out. I am working with a product called Cast Iron, and something i have noticed is its logging capabilities are very limited. Therefore i am trying to implement a logging system that Cast Iron would feed into, and display logs.

Does anyone know of a current logging tool, so i can record start times, payloads, errors, etc...

As an idea of the kind of thing i am after; the only tool i have already found is log analyzer (http://loganalyzer.adiscon.com/), but it is so basic, and isnt the nicest thing to use in a commercial environment, although i know it can be re-skinned.

I want to use if for developers in Dev/Test and then have a production version that i can hand over to the support team, so they stop asking the developers every 2 seconds what is the issue, and can you fix it. Standard IT support!

Any advice would be appreciate, in addition money is not a limiting factor.

There has to be SOMETHING OUT THERE!!!

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