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Is there any way to open the new tab in the same directory as the existing tab ? I am running Console2 2.xx version over Windows7 platform.

I know that we can specify default directory. But it is same for all. I am expecting unix terminal like new tab functionality, when new tab is opened in the same directory as the parent tab (from which it is opened).

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Try ConEmu? It has many advantages, for example you may start new tab from command line of existing one, for example vim -new_console:h – Maximus Oct 6 '12 at 8:06

You can write $PWD to a file every command you run. When you launch a new tab, use bashrc to cd to that directory written in the file.

These lines in my bashrc does the trick for me.

cd $(cat /.pwd)

It will mess up if you switch tabs and then launch a new tab. (Just remember to hit enter before you launch a new tab)

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