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Every time I have 6 or more tabs open in Chrome the 3 right-top corner buttons start getting covered by the tabs and prevent me from using the minimize button etcetera. How do I fix it?

I'm on Win 7 Pro with the latest version of Chrome.

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I'll guess that you do not have a Use System Title Bar and Borders menu option. Right? – zero2cx Oct 5 '12 at 23:52
@zero2cx: I don't see it unless I'm doing something wrong. – verve Oct 6 '12 at 0:12
That is not normal; the tabs should minimize to the left of the control buttons. If it happened once or twice, that would be one thing, but if like you said, it happens every time, then it’s a bug. Update Chrome and see if it goes away. – Synetech Oct 6 '12 at 0:17
What version of Chrome are you using? In the future, it is helpful to know what version you have of things. Thanks. – Josiah Oct 6 '12 at 3:17
My Chrome IS updated to the latest available. – verve Oct 8 '12 at 9:42

On Linux (and maybe others):

  1. Right-click in the background of the tab area (click near the New tab plus-sign icon).
  2. Enable Use System Title Bar and Borders

This checkbox can also be found in Chrome Appearance configuration (click the wrench, select settings).

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Which background area? I right-clicked but I see no "System.." option! – verve Oct 5 '12 at 23:49
Too bad this is not for Windows systems. – zero2cx Oct 5 '12 at 23:53

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