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I am using Windows 8 at work. Our Exchange server is configured to allow access from the Windows 8 mail app. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to use the mail app without first adding a Microsoft Account. Is it possible to utilize the Windows 8 mail app with a corporate Exchange server without first associating a Microsoft Account?

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would this answer help? Its a question regarding mail in Windows 8 and linking it to Exchange. How to connect Windows 8 Mail, Calendar and People to Exchange Server?

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Unfortunately this question focuses on after you have already added a Microsoft Account. To better explain if I add the Microsoft Account I'll be able to add the Exchange account without issue. I want to skip adding the Microsoft Account and just add the Exchange account. – ahsteele Oct 8 '12 at 17:47

Unfortunately no. AFAIK, using communication Metro Windows Store apps (like Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging) in Windows 8 requires you to use a Microsoft account.

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