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I'm trying to figure out a way to automatically search and replace all special/accented letters/characters (such as Â/Ô) with the equivalent regular letters/characters (A/O) in Notepad++.

Tried using ToolFx but it didn't work.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/133965/find-crlf-in-notepad covers approximate the same. –  avirk Oct 6 '12 at 5:54

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Don't be restricted by what you see as being available. We have python available from within N++, and that means a quick SO search [python] [unicode] remove accents reveals this highly voted question dealing with exactly that!

We can test easily enough in N++ to see how it works::

  1. Open two new buffers/tabs/files or whatever you like calling them.
  2. Copy and paste these Latin Extended UTF-8 Characters into the first.
  3. Right click the tab of the second and 'Move to Other View'.
  4. Open the Python Script console and try the following commands::

    from Npp import *
    import unicodedata
    << Select tab in view 1. >>
    eText = editor.getText() << Select tab in view 2. >>
    uText = unicode(eText, "UTF-8")
    nText = unicodedata.normalize( "NFKD", uText )
    editor.addText( nText.encode('ASCII', 'ignore') )

From looking around a bit it seems there are lots of ways to accomplish removing accents, the question is which works best for you. And now that you can see how easy it is to 'try' these solutions on your text, go forth and give it a shot. Once you like a particular method add it (using the plugin menu) as a script and it will be there whenever you need it.

Have fun!

BTW - if you don't have Python Script installed you can install it using the Plugins -> Plugin Manager.

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