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Am using this command:

/Applications/ Movies/Ironman.avi --start-time 4320 --stop-time 4860 --transform-type=180 --video-filter=invert --sout='#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=4096,acodec=mp2a,ab=192,scale=1,channels=2,deinterlace,audio-sync}:std{access=file, mux=ps,dst=/Users/oleg/lsd.avi}'

Creates 4kb video file that will not play. Would like video clip pre-video-filtered to be colors inverted and rotated 180deg.

What is wrong?

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I tried to invoke that vlc command, and I got a good video output. But it wasn't rotated or inverted.

But why don't you use ffmpeg?

ffmpeg -ss 4320 -t 540 -i Movies/Ironman.avi -vf "drawbox=-1:-1:5000:5000:invert:2000,vflip,hflip" -vcodec mpeg2video -vb 10M -acodec mp2 -pass 1 -f rawvideo /dev/null
ffmpeg -ss 4320 -t 540 -i Movies/Ironman.avi -vf "drawbox=-1:-1:5000:5000:invert:2000,vflip,hflip" -vcodec mpeg2video -vb 10M -acodec mp2 -pass 2 /Users/oleg/lsd.avi

If it asks you whether overwriting is OK, say y.

  • -ss 4320 - Starting time
  • -t 540 - Duration
  • -i Movies/Ironman.avi - Input file
  • -vf "drawbox=-1:-1:5000:5000:invert:2000,vflip,hflip"
    If your video's dimensions are bigger than 2000, you have to make that value and the two preceding numbers bigger, for example: drawbox=-1:-1:50000:50000:invert:9000
    The rotation is done by the vflip and hflip filters and the color inversion by the inverting borders of a box. Please note that the box doesn't invert the colors, only the brightness.
  • -vcodec mpeg2video - Video codec
  • -vb 10M - Target bit rate. Will be smaller in result.
  • -acodec mp2 - Audio codec
  • -pass 1 -f rawvideo /dev/null - First pass goes to trash, but ffmpeg saves the important information in a log file in your working directory.
  • -pass 2 /Users/oleg/lsd.avi - Second pass goes to your target file.
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