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I have an alias to a folder on another user's iDisk. When I opened it under Leopard it would automatically log me in to their iDisk and mount it, as I have the account information in my keychain.

However under Snow Leopard it instead brings up the dialog for a user/pass for the domain. If use my user/pass it fails, if I use their user/pass it works.

My best guess is that since I have multiple keychain entries for the domain, the alias isn't specific enough. But it did work under Leopard so I'm hoping there's a new way to make it work again under Snow Leopard.

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In AppleScript Editor, enter the following code:

mount volume ""  --replace username with the MobileMe name of the iDisk you're trying to connect to

Save the item as an Application if you want to open it from the Dock or Finder, or as a script if you want to launch it from the AppleScript menu.

I only have one MobileMe account to test, so I hope it's enough for Keychain to pick out the different versions.

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