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I have a Mini2440 ARM Board, and I have put a base Debian 6.0 system on it using multistrap.

I have used tmux to run several processes in defferent windows from /etc/rc.local. I connect to the board using its serial port and an inittab entry to run getty on that port. I use picocom as serial communicator.

when root logs in, ~/.bashrc attaches him to the already running tmux server, and processes can be easily monitored. the actual command is exec tmux attach-session -t "main". tmux runs with default config.

everything works, except one of the processes (a shell script around pppd) does not receive Ctrl-C from terminal, while other processes do. also Ctrl-\ works. also kill -INT <pppd_pid> works, but kill -INT <shellscript_pid> does not.

I really need Ctrl-C to work. What is wrong with this setup?

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