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It drives me nuts when a window is nearly maximized but not quite and when I go to close/move/scroll it I end up bringing up the window behind it.

This happens all the time with acrobat. It seems that it's default non-minimized state is usually an "almost" maximized windowed.

Is there any utility that will maximize a window when it is open or size changed when it is near the size of the monitor. I'll never have any need to have a window 99% the size of the window with it centered. Why? Because it behaves just as a maximized window by obscuring all(well, almost all) the windows behind it. (It should be only the main window of an application that is affected)

The issue seems to be a few programs like acrobat that, I guess, try to fit it's contents which, sometimes, happens to be almost the full screen but not quite making it look maximized when it is not.

I do not want all windows to open maximized but have no need for the window state almost centered and almost the same size as the desktop. (I imagine most people don't)

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You could press AltSpace,x to maximize the foreground window.

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The problem is, that the window looks maximized. It's not a matter of how to maximize it BUT to realize that it isn't maximized. Obviously I could just click on the maximize button if I new it wasn't maximized. I need some utility that hooks into the app when creating it's window and can do the "almost maximized" check. – AbstractDissonance Oct 6 '12 at 20:56

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