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Problem: cant connect to internet with my new installation of windows xp sp3.


I have ubuntu in pc that worked with wired internet.

I format all disk and install Windows-XP sp3.

I have auto internet that defined in my router - other computers have internet.

I run diagnoze of IE and get:

Windows could not detect any wired  or wireless network cards installed on your machine

In Device Manager i have only 1394 Adapter

I dont see any internet adapters.


I find with ubuntu livecd that I have hardware: 82566dc gigabit network connection

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I just install the Intel driver for 82566dc gigabit network connection and it works!

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Remember you have always to install the network card driver for Window-Xp and then it will work also if you have any Wi-Fi device installed on your system then you have to install the driver for that too and it will work like a charm. – avirk Oct 7 '12 at 5:50

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