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I have 2 computers connected to a router and I have a DVB card in one of them. I want to use the one DVB card to feed both of them.

I read about it and I know that I want to share the DVB adapter with the Internet Connection Sharing on the LAN network.

But when I use the connection sharing, I lose my internet access

I tried to use "Bridge Connection", but then I also lost my internet access too.

Can any one tell me how to fix this problem?

And how to view the channels (for example how to use the VLC)?

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You go the wrong way. You need a tv server piece of technology like mediaportal, xbmc+for the record, etc. pp. Especially you need a multiseat setup that is a tv server on your computer with dvb card and a client technology on your other computer. Unfortunately I have only experience with a single seat (tv server and client on the same computer) but I can recommend you mediaportal and/or xbmc or the combi xbmc+for the record. They are both free and personally I prefer xbmc+for the record. Xbmc isn't exactly a tv server but you can combine it with mediaportal or for the record. The multiseat setup shouldn't be too complicated when you are familiar with web technology. I hope it helps.

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