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I need to create a .bin or .img of a disk from the command line. I have tried using rawcopy (an .exe that I downloaded from the internet), but that is rubbish. Does anyone know of other alternatives?

What I am trying to do is to save a RAM-Disk (as a virtual HDD) to my physical HDD as a .img file. I plan to wrap a GUI around this for easy use. Heck, if someone knows of a Java or C library that can do this I am open to that, too.

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Simjply one suggestion. Using a live-image linux system called system rescue cd you might be able to use a programme named partimage which might be helpful. The partimage software offers a command option to be used from the command line (

Knowing some more the background to what you need the image for would maybe enable us to advice you more properly.You mentioned trying "rawimage", you meant a certain software or something like the dd system utility? By stating the desire to use the command line I would assume that you used linux and the before mentioned command.

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