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I cannot ask our Domain Admins to update recovery agent, since they are in other country and they serve millions of people worldwide (actually, I've asked with no success).

  1. GPO disables EFS at all, but I've overridden that by HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\EFS\EfsConfiguration = 0

  2. Still can not encrypt because of other error - Recovery Agent are expired (not surprisingly)

I know that this is incorrect behavior as a network member, I now that this is a hack an tricky workaround... but I'm ready to that kind of solution. Could anybody suggest how to override EFS recovery agent settings?

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You cannot override domain group policy. It will be reapplied in a few minutes. Never use EFS for personal data such as keeping your browser profile and passwords safe. A domain admin can simply secretly add a recovery agent and access all your encrypted files.

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