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I have an Apple wired-USB keyboard that I share with my MacBookPro and Windows 7 32bit Home desktop via a KVM (Keyboard,Video,Mouse) switch.

The MacBookPro has BootCamp for running Windows 7 64bit professional and I would like to export the key mappings for use on the Windows 7 desktop. The Windows 7 32 bit home desktop has some keys that don't map correctly such as backslash, and pound and hash sign. The Apple USB keyboard is a UK English.

I have seen tools such as "Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4" But this requires one to create a new keyboard mapping from scratch - it cannot seem to derive/auto-populate with the current mapping in use. I wanted to use a tool like this to export from the MacBookPro booted into Windows 7, for use on the Windows 7 desktop.

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This driver is working for me on Windows 7, 64-bit:

The only issue I haven't found how to get the # symbol yet without changing back to the default keyboard layout, but that's a minor annoyance outside of Twitter I suppose...

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The # is right-alt and 3, in case that's bothering you too – NomisSilloc Apr 4 '13 at 0:42

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