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Google couldn't help me, but I know the participants in Super User sometimes have more knowledge then what is publicly available, so to my question: Is there any easy way to add a watermark to an excel 2010 spreadsheet telling which username printed the list?

Kind regards, Simon

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The easiest way is to add this to your header or footer. In Excel 2010 (and 2007 should be similar):

  1. Change your view to page layout, View > Page Layout.

  2. Insert a header (or footer), Insert > Header & Footer.

  3. On the Design Tab, choose either Header or Footer and that will give you a number of options, including who's actually working on the document.

If you want anything else from your document's custom properties, you'll need to use VBA. For more info on the necessary VBA, check out Chip Pearson's awesome site:

Chip Pearson's Document Properties

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I think the only name option available in your given steps is to include the name used when Office was installed. That may be sufficient, but if he's looking to include who's logged in to the computer, it's going to take VBA. – techturtle Oct 8 '12 at 15:26
@techturtle generally you're correct-it's the name in the Options>User Name text box for Excel. So you can change it, but its not nearly dynamic as using VBA to pull the value from the document properties. – dav Oct 8 '12 at 17:38

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