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I don't have the expertise nor the time to learn and setup a backup solution that fits my requirements. I'm looking for a hassle-free offering (commercial or free software) for GNU/Linux that fits the following:


  1. POSIX-complaint: it understands POSIX file attributes, permissions, symlinks and hardlinks and will copy them as is. I want an exact backup.
  2. Incremental
  3. Very efficient in how it detects changes: For example, I can imagine it may provide a very thin layer on top of the file system that builds a list of updated/created/deleted files as they change (i.e. a journal) and when it's time to backup, it works on that list right away. No scanning and comparing tens of thousands of files.


  1. Stored on-site: I expect the backup solution to ask me to provide storage (either on the same machine or a NAS), I will provide the storage and it will utilize it as it pleases. It is nice to have the option of on-site because the data is too large for me to upload.

So the way I'd love this to work is to just plug in my laptop when I get home, open some UI and press a large button that says: BACKUP. It starts to create today's incremental backup (based on the list of updated/created/deleted files) and gives me an ETA and an option to shutdown the laptop when it's done.

Is anybody aware of a solution that's close to what I need?

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