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I watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, etc. Whenever I enter full-screen mode, I get the annoying "You've entered full screen mode. Press 'esc' to exit full screen mode".

Since I'm constantly switching between programs, I see this message a lot and am severely annoyed by it. Is there a way to disable these notifications?

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For Windows, download and install this patch as per the instructions here

For Mac OS X (requires a windows PC):

  1. Goto /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
  2. Open* Flash Player.plugin
  3. In Flash Player.plugin goto Contents > PlugIns
  4. Open* FlashPlayer-{Your Mac OS Version}.plugin (Example: My file was "FlashPlayer-10.4-10.5.plugin" for Mac OS 10.5.5)
  5. In FlashPlayer-{Your Mac OS Version}.plugin goto Contents > MacOS
  6. Copy FlashPlayer-{Your Mac OS Version} and patch it using the "Other" option in my program on a computer with windows.
  7. Copy back the patched FlashPlayer-{Your Mac OS Version} into the folder.
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I feel unconfortable, to say the least, applying a random patch to Flash. –  That Brazilian Guy Aug 7 '13 at 21:02

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