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Salvete! I am running Oracle VirtualBox on my Windows7 x64 machine, and have created a VM running the same (for sharepoint development).

I read in this thread that there is a way that you can create "addon-disk" for a VM in such a way that you can join an addon-disk to the main drive, and then turn on and off those addon-disks.

What I want to do is to install Sharepoint on an addon-disk, and then turn it off if I don't want to load it, similar to what Mr. C.Marius describes in the above mentioned thread.

When working with VHD boot you can create a Base disk on which you install Windows+ drivers+ sql+..etc. and use it as the basis for anything later. Use CREATE VDISK FILE="D:\W7_base.vhd" MAXIMUM=102400 TYPE=Expandable" - 100GB Max. (parent disk will never take all space, but child disks will). Once you install all base SW you can create multiple differential disks with stuff already installed, using (in CMD > DISKPART) CREATE VDISK FILE=D:\VHD\W7_SP2010.vhd" PARENT="D:\VHD\W7_Base.VHD" - this will get you the CHILD disk to install ONLY SharePoint.

Basically you would: create a new VHD (remember params), boot via your USB bootable with W7, launch Diskpart, attach the VHD and simply run Windows install. Once you're done you now have a BASE VHD (don't change it anymore - ReadOnly). Simply reboot in USB again, run DISKPART, create a NEW VHD using as PARENT the previous disk, use BCDEDIT to update boot settings (clone entry and re-target the NEW VHD -no longer the BASE) and from now on you only use this one for your work. If you need another configuration, make again new VHD with BASE as PARENT. It sounds scary, now i do it in 20'

Can I do that with Oracle Virtual-Box?

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Hmm.. two days! I guess nobody has ever heard of doing this? Maybe someone who is an expert with VirtualBox could at least tell me it can't be done? – bgmCoder Oct 11 '12 at 0:29

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