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I have some open source projects on sites such as github.com that don't offer traffic stats. Having an idea of how many people are using what I've written motivates me. All I want to know is the number of times my image was displayed each week.

These sites do not allow Javascript so conventional webtracking techniques (such as Google Analytics) are not an option. The only way to track on these sites is with external images. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an image hosting service which provides download stats that meets my needs.

My requirements:

  1. Stats - I want to be able to look and see how many times an image is viewed each week or month over the course of several months.

  2. Hotlinking - I need to be able to refer to this host in an <img src=""> tag.

  3. SSL - I need https (if you don't use https github will start hosting your imgs on a CDN).

  4. Reasonable URLs - Sites like flickr when you upload images they get turned into a url such as http://www.flickr.com/photos/88110850@N02/8057881754/ this makes the process of uploading 10 images and then quickly creating links for them time consuming since you have to go to each picture individually to find out what the URL is. (Additionally, it makes your HTML code not self documenting). I want something like: domain///?width=500 (Note: image resizing isn't a firm requirement)

  5. Price - About $3/month is my willingness to pay. (My total monthly traffic would likely be 1-3 GB max)

Solutions I've Considered

  1. Flickr Pro (~$2.25/mo)

    • Meets all the requirements EXCEPT for reasonable urls.
    • Stats are only kept for 30 days. But, apparently http://statsr.net/ is a webservice which provides extended stats. Not sure if it's free though.
    • NOTE: Flickr Pro is needed if you want stats.
  2. MediaFire ($4.50/mo)

    • MediaFire looked pretty great but in order to get stats you have to get a "Pro" account which seemed a little overkill for my needs... But, I'm not ruling them out.
    • Haven't tested them so not sure if they solve the reasonable file name issue yet.
  3. ImageShack ($2/mo)

  4. Tinypick.com & Photobucket.com

    • Didn't see anything about stats.
  5. Rolling my own solution with Apache + Webalizer

    • Yeah, I could get a budget server, host it somewhere... but no matter how you look at it's going to be fairly expensive and a hassle to make sure it's always up. Plus I'd have to register a new SSL Cert which is gonna cost around $75 etc. My needs might be able to leverage a Heroku free application tier, but would need to look into TOS more.
  6. GoDaddy (or other low cost webhost)

    • Probably would end up being around $5/mo in order to meet TOS to be able to hotlink to files on it.
    • Would probably need to get an SSL Cert. Maybe not though if they offer something like https://.theirdomain.com.
    • More research would be required.

Anyone know of any other providers I should checkout before going with Flickr Pro or MediaFire?

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Can you explain, how ideal URLs would look like to you? eg. hosturl.tld/yourusername/original_name.jpg or more specific (eg. short, various paths, own domain etc.)? As for stats, how detailed should the analysis be, just number of requests per time and common referals or more? (thinking about setting up a service meeting your needs at about 2 USD/month max.) –  Martin Oct 8 '12 at 23:56
@Martin Sounds great! Ideal Url = somedomain/<username>/<folder>/<filename>?size=700 if ?size is omitted return original. Alternatively, size = small,medium,large is what flickr has. I'd buy a service even without resizing of images. I'd like custom domain if I didn't need SSL. As for stats, what you mentioned is all I really want. I basically want a graph showing me number of downloads per week (or month) of a given image for a date range. My contact info is here: www.blakerobertson.com/contact I have some ideas for how you could implement said service pretty easily. –  blak3r Oct 9 '12 at 3:40
@blak3r unfortunately, your question is off-topic for this site, since we a) don't really deal with web services, and b) don't do shopping recommendations (see the FAQ). However, if you were to edit this question from being "what website does x" to "how can I track views on my Github project," then it would be appropriate for Web Applications and we could migrate it there for you. –  nhinkle Oct 9 '12 at 4:05
please note product recommendations are off topic for Super User, as are web services. –  Sathya Oct 9 '12 at 4:05
@Martin - Any progress on setting up that service? Still haven't found a solution. –  blak3r Nov 4 '12 at 2:08
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