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Usually we have many HD movies in our computer, but we want to see them by our mobile phone. This requirement produces some questions:

1、the HD videos are too big to transfer to phone timely and it it hard to play on phone smoothly, so we have to transform the videos smaller and fit the screen of phone.

2、the coded format of the videos are varied, but limited types are supported by mobile phone, so we should transform the coded format to those supported by mobile phone.

I've leaned the streaming media fit this problem, what I want is:

1、are there any good opensource projects fit this(ffmpeg?live555? darwin?)?

2、are they quick enough to transform coded format and transfer to mobile phone to play with no delay?

Thank u very much!

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I use DSS (Darwin Streaming Server) to streaming video to my Mobile Phone (Nokia C3) using RTSP protocol. First, you need to convert all your videos to formats which supported by you mobile. 3GP with h263 codec is pretty good. Resolution must be the same for all files(320x180 or 640x360 for video in 16/9 ; 320x240 or 480x360 for video in 4/3).

Second, Hinting MP4/3GP files is recommended. MP4Box do the job.

Third, Installation and configuration of DSS is simple but require a few times. Search tutorials about DSS.

Fourth : Don't forget to edit filenames (because with DSS, you can access to a specific files and to avoid errors about ASCII encoding). Don't forget playlists if you like to have a continuous streaming.

Fifth: If you know how to programming Perl scripts (.pl), you should be able to stream your TV to your mobile.

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