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I am trying to call some shell command from vim with like :!ls command. But unfortunately there are some default PATHS that prepends PATHs defined in the original shell. Here is the echo $PATH output in the original shell:


and shell called within vim:


Why they appeared right there? How can I prevent that and make vim shell has original PATH variable.

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See this answer of mine or this one with a nice table to similar questions. You should check the file in which you setup your custom $PATH. Whether it's ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc or some other file and the method of invocation of the shell have their role in this.

For reference, I have only one line in my ~/.bashrc:

source ~/.profile

(with all my settings going into ~/.profile) and this line in my ~/.vimrc:

set shell=bash\ -i

The whole thing is not very pretty but it's simple and it works.

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