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I am running Virtual box with two VMs (Debian 6) on Ubuntu 12.04 host. One of the VM is DHCP server and has 3 NICs. One connected to Internet (NAT through Virtualbox) and two NICs are connected to internal networks.

My clients PCs can get IP from DHCP server i.e. VM Debian 6. But how do I get Internet working on them?

here is my configuration.

eth0 - - connected to Internet with NAT (Virtualbox GUI)
eth1 (DHCP) - 192.168.1.x - connected with switch. Client PCs connect to switch.
eth2 - 192.168.2.x - other internal network.

if I add this command, DHCP stops working.

route add -net netmask gw eth0

I am not sure if this is right command. Please Help!

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thats because you add a route for (where ur DHCP! is) to the gateway Means, whenever your dhcp-client tries to DHCPAck to the server located in, your kernel will send it to

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Thankx. I figured out my mistake :) – Newbie Oct 11 '12 at 13:02

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