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I have an iPhone 4S and have it backed up via iCloud, Photostream turned on, and iTunes sync over WiFi enabled. Unfortunately, my daughter (2 yrs) got a hold of the iPhone and started deleting photos, which then deleted them from pretty much every place those pics/videos were. By the time I realized the data was delete, the phone was synced and there was no way to restore the data that I know of (suggestions here would be helpful as well!).

What's the proper/suggested way to "dump" the photos and videos from the iPhone to a more permanent store, such as on my MacMini's local drive?

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Is copying them from the Image Capture app not enough? – slhck Oct 9 '12 at 17:45
Not sure. I'll check that out. – Rob Oct 9 '12 at 17:51
I've reopened that question. Smartphones interfacing with a computer are not off topic here. – slhck Oct 10 '12 at 6:41
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My recommendation for backing up your iPhone pictures and/or videos is to:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your MacMini
  2. Open iPhoto
  3. Click on your iPhone device ( left column ) and choose to import any or all media taken from your camera roll.

Note: You will have the option here to delete photos imported from your camera roll if desired. This is my current method of backing up /importing all of my media taken from my camera roll on my 4S. iPhoto also has a nice method of creating albums as well.

Photo recovery suggestion: If you performed a data backup of your phone with the photos on it, you can try to restore that backup to obtain those pictures back. ( NOTE this will remove any changes to your contacts, media, etc that you have made since your last backup ! )

It seems if your iPhone has already been synced with iCloud, you cannot recover those pictures from iCloud

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I know that if you plug the phone into a Windows machine, it will be recognized as a removable device. From there you can browse to it's DCIM folder and simply copy everything out.

I'm sure something similar is available on a Mac, but, not owning one, I don't know the process.

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You can restore the deleted photos/videos from iTunes backup. Just connect your iPhone to your computer through iTunes. If you backed your iPhone on iTunes, you will have a choice "Restore backup". Click it. enter image description here

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