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I want to test a website on IE8 and I have my company's Bug tracking website which works ONLY on IE7 and previous versions of IE (hence I only have IE7 on my PC). So, if I wanna test for IE8, I can't upgrade IE7 to IE8. So, how can I keep IE7 on my PC, but still test for IE8 and other versions of IE? I have already referred this question. But I don't know how to use Mordernizr. Is it possible to keep both IE7 and IE8 on a single PC, single user???

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ok..will keep that in mind – karan k Oct 9 '12 at 13:22
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I prefer IETester. I just download it and can test any version of IE. Here is the link of IETester Hope this will help you out.

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you can download IE9 from this link:

after download and install, you have IE7, IE8 and IE9 in your system. just run IE and press F12 key, then click on Browser Mode: IE9, and choose IE version that you want.

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you can use IETestr and test your site in IE online. but better way to have any version of IE is IE9 and change version of its local!

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You can test your website with Spoon or IETester.

Or check this thread.

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You could use sandboxie to install Internet Explorer 8 in a sandbox. That way the installation of IE8 will not overwrite the old IE7 installation and you should be able to run both in parallel.

Another option is to create a virtual machine with VMWare Player or VirtualBox. I would recommend virtual machines to web developers anyway, because it allows to test websites not just on other browsers but also on entirely different operating systems.

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