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I have scoured the web and unable to find a manual for my board telling me how I should hook up my new power supply.

  • PC: Gateway GT5628
  • Board: Intel Desktop Board DG33SXG2
  • Original Power Supply: Generic 400w w/ 24 pin connector
  • Replacement Power Supply: Antec Basiq 500w w/ 20 pin connector + 4 pin

I was reading on a forum that the manufacturer of the board should specify in the manual whether or not to use the +4, however I cannot find documentation on Intel or Gateway's support portals for this board. (Gateway has support docs but nothing referring to the power supply)

Since the original was 24 should I just plug the 20 furthest to the right and add the +4 on the left, or should I leave the +4 unplugged?


I was able to find the Antec manual so I can see which side to add the +4 to, I just wanted to make sure of that because it looked like it could go on either side. At this point I'm assuming since there was a 24 in before I should connect this accordingly.

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Quick answer: if the additional 4-pin ATX extension connector is available, then you should be using it. :)

Related information is also available in this SU question: Is it possible (and safe/reliable/non-damaging) to use a 20-pin ATX PSU with a 24-pin ATX motherboard?

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The new power supply lists as 20+4 because its backwards compatible with 20 pin boards. If you notice, the 4 pin connector will seat into the 20 pin to make a solid 24 pin connector.

Also, the pins are keyed so they only fit in easily one direction. If it doesnt seem to fit in a given configuration, change it around until it slides in easy. notice the shapes on some of the pins are different. Just line them up.

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