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Is there microblogging software that companies can host internally? I think I remember Joel Spolsky mentioning that Fog Creek uses one. I can't remember what the name was or find what other software is out there. Does anyone have any ideas?

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The software that Joel Spolsky mentioned in the Stack Overflow Podcast was Laconica which has become StatusNet.

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If you want one that is just for your employees, but not hosted by you, look at Yammer. It's free for basic functionality but there are enterprise plans which add features.

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This seems to be one:

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Check out P2 -- based on WordPress and the automattic team seems to dig it (granted, they built it...). Check out buddyPress if you want to get even fancier and more "social".

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Check out Incentive/features, built with activity streams, dashboards, wikis, blogs, and search. Host internally.

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