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I'm using a remote server over a very slow and unreliable network connection.

So, I want to use gnu screen in order not to lose what I'm doing whenever I get disconnected.

But I want a local scrollback buffer, on my local computer, so that scrollback doesn't have to go across the network, which is incredibly slow.

Is there either something like gnu screen, but with a local scrollback buffer; or else a way of using gnu screen with a local scrollback buffer?

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See also:… – Daniel Alder Jul 30 '15 at 12:09

Found part of the answer, from put the following into the .screenrc file:

termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@

Doing this makes the local scrollbuffer contain the correct data, and on gnome-terminal, it's then possible to scroll using the slider on the edge of the window.

You should probably make sure only to use a single tab per terminal, since swapping tabs will obviously mess up the local scrollbuffer.

What is missing is that mouse wheel scroll doesnt work yet: have to use the slider on the edge of the terminal.

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