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I need to be able to transfer a file to a remote windows box, OS of windows vista or higher. I am transferring this file from one windows machine to another windows machine. The target machine isn't guaranteed to have SSH, or anything, but I have its login credentials. Are there any ways to do this?

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If you have valid credentials, you can try


where: - is the machine you're going to connect to
DOMAIN - domain name
USER - user name
C$ - disk 'C' on the machine (if you have administrator's rights) or any another share you're legal to connect to

It will ask you for the password then.

If connection was successful, you can then mount this share as a network disk. Then you can just do 'copy' from command line on that disk.

Sure, it is not guaranteed this will work - that machine can be behind a firewall or there may not be shared any resources. But anyway you can try. I think, it is simplest way to do what you want without installing any additional applications.

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