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I work on several projects that are using different indentation levels (2 spaces / 4 spaces / tabs...).

Is it possible to make Vim automatically detect the indentation style of the current file and use it, that's-to-say, can the Tab key be made "intelligent" indenting the "right way" ?

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Vim doesn't do that by default but Ingo Karkat's IndentConsistencyCop does.

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Good question,I'm facing the same problem too, and recently I wrote such a vim plugin for myself:

it has the following features:

  • detect mixed indent and echo warnning on bufEnter and bufWrite automatically.
  • switch setting about indenting to fit the current indenting style automatically.
  • detecting time is limited, so you don't need to worry about opening huge files.

I think it is well designed, and need to be known, post an issue on github if you have any suggestion :)

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