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When I connect at work the net is going to assign me a dns that is working fine.

After that when I connect to VPN I'm going to receive a different dns. With this one I can reach the server of the vpn owner but I'm not able to go to the internet.

BUT if I switch the dns with the old ones I'm able to surf again (still connected to the vpn, but I cannot surf their server).


DNS1) MyPC -> CompanyProxy -> Internet

DNS2) MyPc -> CompanyProxy -> VPN -> NoInternet (can Ping vpn servers)

DNS1) MyPC -> CompanyProxy -> VPN -> Internet (cannot ping vpn servers)

Weirdest thing: I'm able to do a nslookup from anywhere, but ping is going to fail.

Is possible to use both DNS? Or setup a dns just on the browser?

I'm quite lost..

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Why don't you just change the DNS servers for the VPN connection to use any DNS server you want? What problem is solved by using more then a primary and secondary DNS server? – Ramhound Oct 11 '12 at 11:06
I cannot use any dns server because the VPN ones are used to resolve some specifical addresses. Anyway I've finally resolved! I'm going to post an answer! Thanks! – Enrichman Oct 11 '12 at 15:57
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A colleague has finally found a solution (with the help of another one!).

We've just added a custom route for the address that we needed to resolve from the vpn, so something like

sudo route add -net

where the is the ip that we need to be resolved from the vpn gateway ( and then we changed in the connection pool of weblogic the name of the database with directly the ip.

It seems to work! :D

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