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SlickEdit "Editor Gadget" is a free plug-in for the Visual Studio 2008 editor, with many tools that enhance a coder's productivity and have used it extensively.

However, I use Visual Studio 2010 now and cannot find the same plug-in for that version. More specifically, I am now searching for an alternative to the "Indentation guide". It consists in a vertical line drawn under the cursor from bottom to top of the current document, very useful to find the end of a long if{ ... } block ! Is there any alternative for VS2010 ?

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You can try Indent Guides, an open source plugin for Visual Studio 2010 that just adds vertical lines at each indent level.

Edit : for VS2013, the Productivity Power Tools from Microsoft do the job perfectly !

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Yep, I found that plugin a few weeks ago and I'm using it since then. I forgot I had posted a SuperUser question about that, here's a point for you ! – wil Nov 26 '12 at 8:51

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