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Is there a way through command line to remvoe all the users in a security group (from Local Users and Groups)?

I can remove a single user with "net localgroup", but I don't know who is in the group.

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Why don't you just remove the entire group? – Ramhound Oct 11 '12 at 17:04
I want to remove all the users that were entered in this groups every week. The group is still needed. Could I remove and re-create the group? – the_lotus Oct 11 '12 at 18:41
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A script would be a better solution but here is the command. (Don't forget to change groupname)

for /F "skip=6" %i in ('net localgroup groupname') do net localgroup groupname %i /delete

If you take a look at 'net localgroup groupname' structure you will see why I skip 6 tokens and that it produces an error at the end, because the last token is the confirmation that the command was successfully executed. As far as I know you need to write a script to get rid of that.

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