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Is it possible to enable RDP RemoteApp in Windows 7 Professional? I successfully used RemoteApp on Windows 7 Enterprise, but it doesn't work on Professional.

Is there is a workaround to get this (registry edit / updates)?

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Windows 7 Pro simply does not support RemoteApp hosting.. Out of all the enquiries I receive about the tool, by far the most are asking if/how it is possible to get this working on Pro. Many users have tried reg hacks, dll replacements, termserv patches and more, but I have yet to hear of a working solution (hack) to make this work. If you find a way, please let me know.

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According to the system requirements of the App itself, it says that it requires Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate. From what I can tell the Terminal Services registry settings are missing in Windows 7 Professional, which is preventing the RemoteApp Tool from working properly.

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