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I need to silently install an msi that deploys a web application to IIS, but have been getting this error message.

Error 1314. The specified path 'Default Web Site/ROOT/someVirtual' is unavailable. The Internet Information Server might not be running or the path exists and is redirected to another machine. Please check the status of this virtual directory in the Internet Services Manager.

The commands I'm passing through

msiexec.exe /i "D:\SOME.msi" UseShellExecute="false" TARGETSITE="Default Web Site" TARGETVDIR="someVirtual" TARGETAPPPOOL="DefaultAppPool" /qn /l* D:\SOME_log.txt

Does my wwwroot folder (& or IIS) need to have a certain structure, permissions. That's about my best guess on the matter at this moment?

Any ideas, I know this must be possible, but it feels like I've exhausted any other resources in terms of finding a solution.

This question relates to my coding issue on stack exchange (before someone says its a duplicate), I think my problem might be better asked here possibly (So i will remove the redundant question if i can somehow get an answer to this issue)?

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