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What is fastest method to add or remove a folder path to PATH variable in windows 7 or is there any utility that make it a bit faster(e.g. right clicking on the folder and selecting "Add/Remove to/from PATH variable")?

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set retains change only for current batch process and it's children.

setx, on the contrary, makes persistent changes to user or system wide environment.

But it has some issues. See adding PATH with SETX or PATHMAN or something else?. It suggests pathed as the most convenient way.

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Use It's excellent. Also see this blog post:

enter image description here

Here is a more advanced tool:

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You can do it via the command prompt

set PATH=%PATH%;\\path\to\dir

After your session, you will need to logoff and log back in to automatically unset it.

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This will only affect the instance of the command prompt you type this into + any children it spawns. It will not affect the path seen other processes, including those started via the Start menu. – Nicole Hamilton Oct 12 '12 at 6:31

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