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I have 4 desktops running Windows Server 2008 32bit version.

I created some shares in all these machines. My program gets files from these machines (like \machine1\abcd). The machine names mentioned in the program and the actual machine names doesn't match and I can't change either program or machine names.

So I mapped the machine name used by the program to the local IP address of the machine using "hosts" file. Everything works fine, but, when I try to access a share in a machine using local machine's name, Windows asks for a username and password. (I tried entering username and password but its not working). But when I try to access the same share using local machine's IP address, its opening.

Let my machine names be m1, m2, m3, m4 and my program refers to them as mb01, mb02, mb03, mb04.

When I try to access a share in mb01 from mb01(m1) as \\mb01\share1, Windows asks for username and password. When try to access shares in other machines everything works perfectly.

I want to access share in local machine without getting prompted for password. How can I achieve that? Edit 1: I am actually using as \\mb01\share1. Typo in question.

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how about \\mb01\share1 - double slashes –  jet Oct 12 '12 at 13:08

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