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I want to autotake a photo from the camera on my MacBook Air and put the photo in a folder.

Is it possible?

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Indeed it is possible. There are several command line utilities that you can use. I have setup a script in my Air to take a picture whenever it wakes up by using imagesnap.

You can run imagesnap from an applescript or you can use cron to schedule it to take a picture at a time interval.

Another option would be EyeSight, which is an app that automates the whole process of taking a picture and saving it to a folder (or upload it via FTP) every N seconds.

Edit: I misread the title of the question and thought you only asked for automated pictures in time intervals. To answer your question, that is, to take a picture with your Air's cam everytime you open the lid you can use a combination of imagesnap and sleepwatcher.

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