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A .pyw file is a Python script that launches an application with a user interface, without a console window. I want to be able to double click a .pyw file in Finder in OSX to open that application, but when I right click and select Open With->Other I'm not allowed to select /usr/bin/python. It is greyed out even though I've enabled "All applications".

I assume this is because it will only let me select .app directories. It there any way to work around this so that I can open Python GUI applications without the terminal?

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Use Automator to create an application like this:

Automator workflow for pythonw

The script in Run Shell Script above is (notice Pass Input as arguments):

/usr/bin/python "$@" > /dev/null 2>&1
exit 0

When saving it choose File Format Application (not Workflow). You could save it as /Applications/pythonw.

Then select a pyw file, press Command-I and select Open with>Other... and /Applications/pythonw. Then click Change All... and confirm with OK. The Get Info window should look like this:

Get Info pyw file

Now double click the pyw file and accept the warning (only the first time).

I've tested it with gui1.pyw:

from Tkinter import Label
widget = Label(None, text='Hello GUI world!') 

and worked like a charm.

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