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I, by error, deleted my stored passwords, using the "Wise disc cleaner 7" program. As I saw on another thread, the passwords are stored in 2 files signons.sqlite and the encryption key file key3.db

When opening the file signons.sqlite with the text editor, I can see that the web adresses of the sites belonging to the passwords are still there. They have not been deleted by the "Wise disc cleaner 7" program, and adding a stored password on Firefox just modifies the file.

However, Firefox will not display my old stored passwords and neither their respective sites.

Is there any way to "undelete" the passwords?

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Restore the deleted key file from a backup. It doesn't have to have the latest data since the key doesn't change.

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There’s really no way to roll back a transaction once it’s committed. Without a backup that included the SQLite file (the used by Firefox to store passwords), you’re not going to have much luck.

You can try manually re-populating the data using the method found here (courtesy of Google), but it looks like a tedious, hit-and-miss process (it might not even be relevant anymore, I don’t know):

Alternatively, you might consider this instance a total loss and switch to a password manager. Have you checked out LastPass? LastPass securely stores your passwords and synchronizes them between browsers/devices/whatever. I just started using it myself, having previously used KeePass.

Sorry for your loss, and good luck!

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