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Instead of typing this in a command prompt one at a time:

wmic /node:ipaddress /user:administrator /password:mypassword bios get serialnumber

How can I run that against one entire subnet and output to a text document? Since I do this every couple months to verify our inventory of computers, I would assume there would be a much of easier way I could put this in a batch script instead of doing it manually.

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You may put a list after node: node:ip1,ip2,ip3, or use a file node:@file - so just put all your ip addresses into a file and then run:

wmic /node:@nodes.txt /user:administrator /password:mypassword /output:out.csv bios get serialnumber /format:csv

That assumes user/password is the same on all machines.

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Is there a way to list any consoles in the output file that failed? Response I get from some is "RPC unavailable" or something like that, I want to know which ones I have to go back and check because of that. – C-dizzle Oct 12 '12 at 19:12
@C-dizzle You could redirect stderr to file eg. with ` 2>log.txt` (you may add it before wmic or append at the very end of cmdline and then analyze that. You may also want to add /failfast:on – wmz Oct 12 '12 at 19:31
I must not be doing that part right, can you give me an example on how to append that to my command? – C-dizzle Oct 12 '12 at 19:58
2>log.txt wmic /node:@nodes.txt /user:administrator /password:mypassword /output:out.csv bios get serialnumber /format:csv or wmic /node:@nodes.txt /user:administrator /password:mypassword /output:out.csv bios get serialnumber /format:csv 2>log.txt (both should be single lines) – wmz Oct 12 '12 at 20:03

A for loop with a file redirection will work, although you might want to let it sit and run for a while if you have more holes in your node set (in otherwords, can't resolve the IP in the loop)

(FOR /L %s IN (1,1,254) DO wmic /node:192.96.1.%s /user:administrator /password:pass bios get serialnumber) >> c:\results.txt

If you plan to put this in a batch file, replace the %s with %%s. That is all.

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