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Possible Duplicate:
Would Microsoft Security Essentials be adequate protection?

With the release of Microsoft's new Free security suite; Microsoft Security Essentials, the question has to be asked. Is it worth checking out, or is it just another security suite?

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Duplicate question: 'Would Microsoft Security Essentials be adequate protection?'… – pelms Sep 29 '09 at 20:04
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Yes, and it is good.

I used it when it was in beta and found it very good. Since I reloaded Windows 7, I did not reinstall it due to the fact I have UAC on maximum and never install programs I don't trust.

It is brilliant - very low resource usage and works well. Now it is out of beta, I will probably be reinstalling soon.

I was previously a fan of Nod32, but recently I think they have gone down hill (More money in advertising and less in development... like another security company).

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