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I have a new iPhone, which is synced with iTunes for music. I have around 200 contacts on here - I read somewhere if I sync now my iPhone with Exchange, it will overwrite all my contacts, leaving my with only my contacts from my Exchange account? Is this true?


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This question seems better suited for Ask Different. Furthermore, it's pretty much the same as your previous question on the same subject. – Indrek Oct 12 '12 at 20:06
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No, the exchange contacts will be in another contacts group.

For example, I have my personal contacts in icloud group that is what I guess your 200 contacts are also in, and company contacts in exchange group the name depends on your "mail, contacts, calendar" setting of settings.

I could see both of them together from "All contacts" group.

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When you sync your iPhone to an activesync exchange account, you have the option of syncing e-mail, contacts, and calendar. Simply select that you only want to sync your e-mail. However if you do sync contacts I don't believe contacts will be overwritten, it may just create duplicate contacts though.

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