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When I try to boot after having done several updates, the boot animation "loads" and then flashes with the Fedora logo, and then sits there still.

After checking into it more I found that two services were failing to start:

  1. tcsd.service, I was able to to disable tcsd.service, in the hopes I could boot without it.

  2. plymouth-quit-wait.service, I have been unable to do anything to the second service.

I am running Fedora Core 17 and the akmod nvidia drivers, on an ASUS G53SW. Everything is up to date as far as I know.

Why won't these services (especially plymouth) start? What can I do to troubleshoot this and fix it?

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This seems to be a known issue with fedora 17 - apparently rather than disabling the service (which dosen't work cause of some setup wierdness) you need to mask it with systemctl mask plymouth-start.service

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